Mark C. Toner

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 00:00
We send our best wishes to them and to their families, and we continue to call on the FARC to release all its remaining hostages. And we also support President Uribe's efforts to secure the safe release of all hostages.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 00:00
We are seriously concerned about the arrests of former Governor Oswaldo Alvarez Paz for simply expressing his views on a TV talk show. It is unfortunately the latest example of the government’s continuing assault on freedom of expression.
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 00:00
US Continually Assess the Security Situation of its Consulates in Mexico
Friday, February 19, 2010 - 00:00
And just to say the Haitian authorities, in our view, have acted appropriately to ensure the group's safety and welfare since their arrest. But I don't have any details on when they might be released and what might ensue.