Quick Facts

Area in square km 22,966
Defense Expenditure as % of GDP 1% (2014)
Defense expenditure in dollars 19,600,000 (2015)
Per capita GDP in dollars 8,400 (2015)
Population 347,369 (2015)
Size of armed forces 1,000 (2016)
U.S. military personnel present 6 (2015)

Belize at a glance

Military & Police Aid $1,250,000 (2017)
Humanitarian & Development Aid $502,438 (2014)
Arms Sales $539,743 (2014)
Trainees 135 (2015)
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Military vs. Economic Aid

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. security and humanitarian & development assistance provided to this country. For a dollar amount breakdown of how much aid this country receives and which programs are supplying assistance, click "view data set." Note: This year's figures reflect the U.S. government's estimates of expected spending, and numbers for next year represent the administration's request to Congress.
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Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about the United States' training of this country's security forces. For information about how the number of security forces trained each year by the United States, including detailed information about the subject of the training, where that training takes place, and who is being trained, click "view data set."
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Arms Sales

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. arms sales to this country. For detailed information on equipment, weapons and military services sold to this country, click "view data set." Note: This is not grant aid: these are items that governments purchase with their own funds.
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11/5/14 | Blog
Comprehensive Analysis: Major Ways the U.S. Foreign Aid Bill for FY 2015 Could Affect U.S. Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate appropriations committees passed two versions of the State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations bill for FY 2015, which contains most of the annual U.S. budget for foreign aid. These bills offer a glimpse into what U.S. foreign...

9/10/14 | Blog
U.S. Military Exercises in Latin America: July and August

U.S. Military Exercises in Latin America: July and August 

7/25/14 | Blog
Latin America Week in Review - July 25, 2014

This week Guatemala’s President called for a “Plan Central America” security package, the FBI ramped up its anti-gang efforts in Central America, and the U.S. issued indictments against Shinning Path guerrilla leaders in Peru. Read these highlights and more below. 



5/16/16 | News
Guatemala Accuses Belize of Excessive Force During Arrest
The Guatemalan government has accused Belize's army of using excessive force following the injury of a Guatemalan man arrested for illegal mining.
3/17/16 | News
Belize and Guatemala Military Clash on Southern Border
Tensions between Belize and Guatemala at an “all-time high” following a military clash on Saturday (March 12) at the Sarstoon River on the southern Belizean border. A press statement from the Government of Belize Press Office, which was published on Facebook on March 13, says that on Saturday...
11/10/15 | News
Belizean Security Forces, U.S. Army Conduct Counter-Drug Operation
Belizean security forces and Joint Task Force-Bravo partnered during Operation CARACOL, a marijuana eradication mission, led by Belizean intelligence forces between Oct. 26-30, 2015, in various sectors of the Central American nation of Belize.

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