Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 13:11
efense advocates have been hopeful that President Donald Trump’s election will mean big boosts in military spending in years to come, but on Monday prominent analysts said those thoughts may just be dreams.
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 07:02
President-elect Donald Trump says he wants a military buildup, and Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain has a plan to do it — one that would cost $430 billion more than current plans over five years.
Friday, November 4, 2016 - 08:28
Belgium has enacted a raft of problematic counterterrorism laws and its police have carried out heavy-handed operations in the past year, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
Friday, October 28, 2016 - 06:58
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi promised on Thursday to amend a law that human rights groups say has severely restricted protest rights and hinted at possible pardons for young people imprisoned without conviction.
Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 07:38
The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence has amended the technical specification of its fighter jet tender in a way that favors the purchase of used F-16s from Portugal, Bulgarian lawmakers have revealed to the country’s parliament.
Friday, September 30, 2016 - 07:46
While the revised version is similar in content to the original draft presented to governments last month, it contains nine noticeable additions and four rewrites of existing text.
Friday, September 23, 2016 - 07:06
The bill titled the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act was introduced by Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism Ted Poe and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher at a time when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in the US to address the United Nations General Assembly.
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 07:04
The US Senate scuttled a measure to block the $1.15 billion sale of US tanks to Saudi Arabia, though a Hill fight is looming over another measure that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 07:40
Senate Republicans are pushing for extra money for Israel over lingering concerns about the Iran nuclear deal.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 07:26
After a series of Saudi-led airstrikes that reportedly killed and wounded civilians in Yemen, members of both the House and the Senate have introduced legislation to block a $1.15 billion arms sale that would supply the longtime American ally with a fresh contingent of tanks.