Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series)

Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series) At A Glance

Arms Sales $3,808,418,323 (2015)
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The Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series) are arms sales to foreign countries regulated by the Commerce Department. These sales were formerly regulated by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Munitions List (USML) but have been moved over to the Commerce Control List (CCL).

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In July 2011, the White House announced an ongoing effort to reform the arms export control system in an effort to "facilitate cooperation with U.S. allies and export control regime partners, strengthen the competitiveness of sectors key to U.S. national security, and increase U.S. exports, while maintaining robust controls where appropriate to enhance our national security." One of the major aspects of this initiative, often referred to as the Export Control Reform Inititative, was to move tens of thousands of military equipment from the strictly controlled State Department's U.S. Munitions List to the more flexibly controlled Commerce Department's Commerce Control List through regulartory changes. As of November 7, 2016, the United States completed regulartory changes to 17 of the 21 military categories on the U.S. Munitions List. This means that the Commerce Department is now the lead U.S. agency for reviewing and approving exports of the military items now on the Commerce Department's  Commerce Control List. The Security Assistance Monitor calls these commercial, foreign arms exports "Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series)."  The 600 Series refers to the fact that the Commerce Department's coding or ECCN for these military items always has a 6 in the 3rd place of a five digit code, for example, 9A610.

Military vs. Economic Aid

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Arms Sales

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