Video Tutorials

The following screencast videos provide step-by-step guides for using the Security Assistance Monitor website and database. We recommend viewing these screencasts in full screen.


Using the Database Filters


This screencast explains how to use the database's main filters to find relevant assistance data.


Accessing Security Assistance Details in the Database


This screencast explains how to access security assistance details such as the foreign military units trained by the United States and the types of military equipment the U.S. sold to foreign countries. 


The Database's Advanced Filtering Options


This screencast explains how to use a special filtering tool to compare data for specific countries and programs.


Security Assistance Monitor's Blog and Resources


This screencast explains how to access our blog and sort through the extensive resources we upload to the website every day.


For more information about our website and database, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact us with any additional questions by emailing