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The Second Series in our Security Assistance in Focus project profiles a $125M aid package to Ukraine. 

Over the past 15 years, the United States has significantly expanded the number of U.S. security sector aid funding accounts or programs to support a range of U.S. national security and foreign policy goals. This guide provides an overview of 29 key, active U.S. programs funded by the Defense or State Departments and grouped by their primary purpose.

Infographic showing what U.S. cybersecurity assistance has looked like over the past two fiscal years.

France maintains a network of sixteen military training schools in ten countries throughout its former colonial sphere. This network presents both opportuntieis for increased military training coordination with the U.S., as well as new trans-Atlantic challenges. 

This fact sheet covers the three main United States counternarcotics assistance programs – the State Department’s International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement and the Defense Department’s Section 1004 and Section 1033 – currently active in Central Eurasia.