Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 08:04
The State Department’s Directorate for Defense Trade Controls has proposed a rule change that could loosen oversight of private security companies and exacerbate the problems we’ve seen with them.
Friday, October 23, 2015 - 13:00

Demanding answers to structural and stability challenges facing their nation, Argentines will take to the polls on October 25 to elect a new president. Sunday will mark the end to 12 years of kirchnerismo, the peronist political movement born under presidential couple Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the late Néstor Kirchner, once lauded a leftist success for its sustained economic growth and robust spending on social programs.

Friday, October 2, 2015 - 08:32


Ensuring an Efficient and Effective Diplomatic Security Training Facility for the Twenty-First Century

SUBCOMMITTEE ON STATE DEPARTMENT AND USAID MANAGEMENT, INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS, AND BILATERAL INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTDate: Thursday, October 8, 2015Add to Calendar Add to my CalendarTime: 02:30 PM Location: Senate Dirksen 419 Presiding: Senator Perdue

Monday, September 14, 2015 - 06:06
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has one last chance to stem a growing political and economic crisis before being forced to step down, one of the country's leading daily newspapers said on Sunday.
Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 06:37
Brazil has lost its investment-grade credit rating following a downgrade by Standard & Poor's to "junk" status.
Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 06:32
There are increasing signs that Paraguay's security forces are in upheaval, enabling a small guerrilla group to carry out high-profile kidnappings and attacks on infrastructure.
Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 06:46
The U.S. is pumping billions of dollars in military aid into the hands of Egypt’s strongman president Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who is using the money to fuel an authoritarian crackdown under the guise of “counterterrorism.”
Friday, August 14, 2015 - 06:37
Bolivian officials are looking to restore diplomatic ties with the United States, a significant shift that would likely have a major impact on the Andean nation's ability to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.
Friday, August 14, 2015 - 06:35
El Salvador's government has reportedly warned that the MS13 and Barrio 18 are planning to unite and create a super gang, but these fears are likely unfounded.
Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 06:40
According to a recent report, kidnappings in Guatemala have fallen sharply since 2009. However, questions remain about whether Guatemala's success can be replicated elsewhere in the region, or whether criminal groups are simply relying more on extortion to earn funds.