Quick Facts

Area in square km 2,381,741
Corruption Perceptions Index ranking 94 (out of 177) (2013)
Defense Expenditure as % of GDP 5% (2013)
Defense expenditure in dollars 10,402,000 (2013)
Per capita GDP in dollars 7,500 (2013)
Population 38,813,722 (2014)
Size of armed forces 130,000 (2013)
U.S. military personnel present 2 (2014)

Algeria at a glance

Military & Police Aid $2,550,000 (2016)
Humanitarian & Development Aid $4,505,000 (2014)
Arms Sales $10,844,208 (2015)
Trainees 103 (2014)
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Military vs. Economic Aid

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. security and humanitarian & development assistance provided to this country. For a dollar amount breakdown of how much aid this country receives and which programs are supplying assistance, click "view data set." Note: This year's figures reflect the U.S. government's estimates of expected spending, and numbers for next year represent the administration's request to Congress.
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Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about the United States' training of this country's security forces. For information about how the number of security forces trained each year by the United States, including detailed information about the subject of the training, where that training takes place, and who is being trained, click "view data set."
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Arms Sales

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. arms sales to this country. For detailed information on equipment, weapons and military services sold to this country, click "view data set." Note: This is not grant aid: these are items that governments purchase with their own funds.
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4/20/15 | Publications
Country Profile: U.S. Security Assistance to Tunisia

Recognizing the country could serve as a model for others in the region, the United States has marshalled a significant amount of resources to assist Tunisia. From FY 2011 to FY 2014, the United States provided an estimated $167 million in security assistance and has requested at least $142...

5/2/14 | Blog
Week in Review: MENA – May 2, 2014

The United States approved the delivery of arms to select Syrian rebel groups as the Syrian regime neared completion of its chemical weapons shipment agreement. The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa convened to discuss the 2015 State Department budget.  Below...

4/9/14 | Blog
Kerry Visits Algeria for Second Strateic Dialogue

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made his first trip to Algeria as Secretary on Thursday, where he met with Algerian officials and the co-chair of the U.S.-Algeria Strategic Dialogue, Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra. During the...



5/31/16 | News
Algeria Receiving First Mi-28 Attack Helicopters
Russia has delivered the first two Mi-28NE attack helicopters to Algeria, out of an order for 42 of the aircraft. Photos posted by defence blog Secret Difa3 show two Mi-28NEs in Algerian colours being unloaded from what is apparently an Antonov An-124 cargo aircraft in Algeria on 26 May. Algerian...
5/3/16 | News
Bad Blood Still Flows Between Algeria and Morocco
Despite weakening finances, Algiers will continue to prioritize military spending, shifting the balance of power between Algeria and Morocco in Algeria’s favor. Consequently, Morocco will increasingly look to its regional and Western allies to better secure its position.
4/11/16 | News
Egypt, Algeria to Receive President-S Countermeasures Systems from Russia
Egypt and Algeria have ordered President-S countermeasures suites from Russia’s KRET Enterprise, with Egypt expected to take delivery in the coming weeks.

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