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Tensions are rising in the United States over the Obama administration’s Syria policy, Libyan weapons continue to spread through North Africa, and Gulf Cooperation Council powers expand their naval presence. Below is a roundup of these stories and some of the other highlights from around the Middle East and North Africa over the last week:

United States Policy:

  • The Fifth Fleet is expanding its operational
  • ...

In the shadow of recent tensions between the United States and Russia, the U.S. is hosting a military exercise with a number of former Soviet countries. Meanwhile, President Obama surprised many in Georgia when he stated on Wednesday that Georgia is not currently on a path to NATO membership.

The United States increased its support for African partners in their efforts to defeat the Lord’s Resistance Army and apprehend rebel leader Joseph Kony. The conflict in Nigeria and the Central African Republic continue to deteriorate. Read about these and other security news from across Africa.

This post was drafted by CIP intern Elijah Stevens

The U.S. State Department’s recently released International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) identified all seven countries in Central America as major transit countries for drug trafficking. While there are serious efforts to combat drug...

The White House informed Congress on Tuesday that it plans to more than double the number of United States military personnel in Uganda. The aim is to reinforce ongoing efforts to dismantle the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which operates in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Currently, the U.S. has 130 special operations military advisors in Uganda, who work with the Ugandan military as well as African Union regional forces to help their pursuit of LRA rebel leader, Joseph Kony. 


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