This week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry travelled to East and Central Africa; the U.S. army foreshadowed more activities in West Africa; and the U.S. Congress grappled with the crisis in the Central African Republic. Read about these and other news stories below. 

Ethnic targeting and civilian massacres in South Sudan shocked the international community and revived the debate around United Nations sanctions. The United States is sending twenty Marines to Nigeria to train their counterpart. Read about these and other security news across the continent this week. 

The United States is expanding its presence on the African continent rapidly. While U.S. training off the coast of Ghana is ending, the multinational U.S. exercise Obangame is set to start off the coast of Nigeria. Read about these and other news below: 

United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) Commander General David M. Rodriguez and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Amanda J. Dory gave a press conference last Tuesday, April 8, 2014, at the Pentagon briefing room, which included some noteworthy tidbits on U.S. security assistance. 

This week the United States conducted several trainings, U.S. Africa Command held a detailed press briefing, and a high delegation travelled to Central Africa