The latest bills from Congress cut back on President Obama’s aid request while increasing military assistance. Here is an update of current funding proposals for Central America.

Looking at the timeline of arrests, extraditions and deals in recent months, it looks like the United States was moving to make the case against El Chapo completely airtight, allowing Mexico to detain him until U.S. officials were completely ready to make the official extradition request.

According to El Heraldo newspaper, the President of Honduras told U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) that the country’s military would continue to have a role in law enforcement, but would be pulled off the streets in “two to three years,” an overall strategy the senator seemed to support.

Honduras has been increasingly relying on its armed forces for domestic security, particularly since 2013 when a Military Police unit (PMOP) was established. As in other Latin American countries that have chosen a similar approach, the use of the PMOP in Honduras has ...

A recent article in the Mexican newspaper, Milenio, highlighted the significant amount of military training the United States is providing to Mexican security forces. According to the article, “the Pentagon has been able to influence the education and development of a new generation of Mexican soldiers during the governments of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña...

In the span of less than one week, Mexican security forces captured two of the most notorious and feared drug cartel leaders in the country. But does the Drug War tactic known as the Kingpin Strategy, a policy supported by the U.S. government and supplemented by billions of dollars in U.S. aid, actually make Mexico safer?

This week Joe Biden took a two-day trip to meet with various leaders and organizations from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The goal was to emphasize the United States’ commitment to a proposed $1 billion aid package to help fund the Plan for the Alliance for Prosperity in the North Triangle, as well as discuss specifics and particular strategies to address chronic poverty, crime and corruption. The Plan for the Alliance for Prosperity in the North Triangle is designed to entice foreign investment, increase infrastructure and improve citizen security in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.