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The latest Comparative Atlas of Defense and Security in Latin America, by the Network of Security and Defense in Latin America (RESDAL), found that approximately 106,415 women serve as soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen in the region, making up about 10.06 percent of all armed forces. Click through to read more important about numbers related to security in Latin America.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate appropriations committees passed two versions of the State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations bill for FY 2015, which contains most of the annual U.S. budget for foreign aid. These bills offer a glimpse into what U.S. foreign aid to Latin America might look like for next year.

Five new mass graves have been uncovered near Iguala, the Mexican town from which 43 missing university students disappeared last month. Colombia's constitutional court rules that a potential peace accord with the FARC rebel group may be put to a referendum to coincide with the country's next election in October 2015. A new military transport plane, made by the Brazilian company Embraer, cost $1.9 billion to produce. Click through for more Latin America security updates by the numbers.

Following the recent disappearance of dozens of students outside the town of Iguala, in Guerrero State, Mexico, a mass grave was uncovered containing dozens of bodies - burned so badly the government has said it would take weeks to complete full forensic analyses.

Mexico is getting ready to introduce its new gendarmerie police force, Colombia's Congress entered into its third round of debate over military justice reforms, and Nicaragua formalized its community police force . Read these highlights and more below. 



    As U.S. policy makers debate how much money should be spent on securing the U.S.-Mexico border to address the child migrant crisis, there is increasing evidence that criminal groups are taking advantage of already strict border controls in nefarious ways. 


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