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This week the United States provided the Nicaraguan Navy with $6 million in military equipment, President Hernandez visited U.S. Southern Command headquarters, and U.S. airmen started a training exchange with the Guatemalan air force. Read these highlights and more below. 

  •  Vice President Joe Biden shut down discussions surrounding the possible implementation of an anti-drug trafficking initiative similar to Plan
  • ...

Since 2002, the Defense Department has invested billions in building Colombia's air defense as a key tool in counternarcotics activities.  A recently released DoD report shows the Pentagon is continuing this strategy in Colombia and is expanding efforts for Colombian pilots to train other Latin American militaries to stem drug trafficking. 

This week the President of Honduras asked for a ‘Plan Colombia’ for his country, the Pentagon trained more Mexican military members and U.S. Southern Command completed its six-week training mission in Belize. Read these stories and other highlights below. 

This week President Obama asked Congress for $3.7 billion to address the humanitarian crisis at the border, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a new program to help monitor the his country’s border with Guatemala, and the U.S. trained an elite Honduran police unit set up at its northern border. Read these stories and other highlights below.

This week the U.S. State Department approved the sale of five Black Hawk helicopters, 2,000 officials at the U.S./Mexico border were investigated for ties to organized crime, and Secretary of State John Kerry met with Central American leaders in Panama for President Juan Carlos Varela’s inauguration. Read these stories and other highlights below. 

This week the U.S. concluded combat lifesaving courses in Paraguay, Honduras announced that it would buy military radars from Israel, and the U.S. Coast Guard exchanged weapon maintenance information with the Colombian Army. Read these stories and other highlights below.


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