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An overveiw of the armaments requested for Syrian opposition groups in Northern Syria. 

An overview of major developments in the U.S.-India defense relationships. 

India has become a substantial importer of U.S. arms, with the defense trade growing from next to nothing in the first decade of the 2000s to more than $15 billion as of this year. But if the intention of U.S. arms transfers were to peel India away from its traditional military supplier, Russia, the policy is falling short. Dehli has managed to balance its arms trade with these two great power rivals without incurring the sort of retribution that has befallen other U.S. allies pursuing similar efforts. 

The Second Series in our Security Assistance in Focus project profiles a $125M aid package to Ukraine. 

As the U.S. seeks to contain the growing regional clout of China and Russia in their near abroads, American policymakers may find that historic realities of each region may create varying degrees of success for their efforts. 

In the fourth of SAM's Security Assistance in Focus Series, we profile on the Department of Defense's (DoD) support to Lebanon's 4th Land Border Regiment.