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Total U.S. Arms Sales Notifications for Saudi Arabia in 2017 & 2018

The Trump Administration's proposed amount of major U.S. arms sales in 2018 falls short of 2017 by $4 billion, moving from $82 billion in 2017 to $78 billion in 2018. The bulk of the proposed arms sales are going to countries in the Europe and Eurasia region and for miltiary aircraft and engines. Check out our new fact sheet for more details.

The Trump Administration maintains high funding for U.S. counterterrorism aid globally with an increased focus on DoD, border security, Africa, and countering violent extremism.

Notifications to Congress for U.S. commercial firearms exports reached $662 million in 2017.

As the United States approaches the 15th anniversary of its invasion of Iraq and continues to provide significant levels of aid to the security forces, this timeline shows some of the key events that shaped the U.S.-Iraqi security aid relationship during this period.


U.S. arms sales notifications under the Trump administration total over $48B.