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In October 2015, the State Department withheld 15 percent of conditioned Merida Inititiative funding. In light of this, Security Assistance Monitor looks at what the Merida Intiative has funded over the years.

A walk through U.S. aid for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) from 2012-2016.

With two military coups in less than a year. U.S. efforts to professionalize Burkina Faso's security forces has raised questions about whether it has all been for naught.

The recent news indicating the United States may withhold millions in military aid to Pakistan has raised questions again about Pakistan's commitment to counterterrorism efforts despite billions in U.S. security assistance to the country in the past decade. Since the United States first provided military aid to Pakistan, the U.S. government has restricted that assistance at least five times and resumed the aid at least four times. The timeline below highlights the major changes in this rocky U.S.-Pakistan security since Pakistan first became a country.

U.S. Security Assistance to Central Asia: A Post-Afghanistan Shift in Strategy


Since the U.S. military announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States is focusing less on providing military and police aid to Central Asian security forces. In FY 2014, the State Department allocated $33.3 million in security...