Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. programs that supply security and economic assistance, arms sales, and training worldwide. To find details about a specific program, select it in the filter list or click on its name the table below.

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ProgramLatin AmericaCentral EurasiaMENAAfricaOther Regionssort descending
Enterprise for the Americas Multilateral Investment Fund
Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance
Border Security$250,000,000
Emergency Drawdowns
Central America Maritime Regional Initiative
Democracy Fund
Continuing Promise$14,314,000
African Development Fund$171,300,000
Developing Country Combined Exercise Program
Humanitarian Mine Action
Complex Crises Fund
Inter-American Air Forces Academy$3,025,000
African Development Foundation$4,623,000
Asian Development Bank
Global Security Contingency Fund
Excess Defense Articles
Supoort to Conduct of Operations$633,000
Inter-European Air Forces Academy$1,550,000
Defense Institute for International Legal Studies$2,624,000
Service Academies$3,956,000
Aviation Leadership Program$5,551,000
Pacific Partnership$6,600,000
Humanitarian Civic Assistance Provided in Conjunction with Military Operati$8,161,000
Commander's Emergency Response Program$10,000,000
State Partnership Program$21,153,000