Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. programs that supply security and economic assistance, arms sales, and training worldwide. To find details about a specific program, select it in the filter list or click on its name the table below.

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ProgramLatin AmericaCentral EurasiaMENAAfricaOther Regionssort descending
Exchange Training
Southern Partnership Station$7,317,000
African Development Bank$32,417,000
Complex Crises Fund
Excess Defense Articles
European Reassurance Initiative
Asian Development Bank
Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Coast Guard Activities
Iraq Train and Equip Fund
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation$10,120,000
Defense Institute of International Legal Studies
Inter-American Foundation$3,482,000
Inter-European Air Forces Academy$1,511,000
Defense Institute for International Legal Studies$2,567,000
Service Academies$3,853,000
Aviation Leadership Program$5,441,000
Pacific Partnership Station$5,600,000
Humanitarian Civic Assistance Provided in Conjunction with Military Operati$8,161,000
Commander's Emergency Response Program$10,000,000
Ministry of Defense Advisors Program$21,901,000
Wales Initiative$23,160,000
Military to Military Engagements$23,539,000
Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program$23,847,000
Defense Institution Reform Initiative$24,010,000
State Partnership Program$32,763,000