Defense One

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 06:43
Some Israelis think the relationship will snap back in January 2017, but it'll be more likely to continue as it always has
Monday, June 22, 2015 - 07:09
The US State Department this month has approved two possible foreign military sales (FMS) to Lebanon, but if the sale of six A-29 Super Tucano aircraft is approved, US military aid will not pay for them.
Monday, June 22, 2015 - 06:10
The U.S. and its regional partners are going to have to work a lot harder because missiles are missing from the P5+1 nuclear negotiations.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 05:36
The Senate voted to move forward with the annual defense authorization bill earlier than in recent years, but it's as peppered with controversy as ever.
Monday, June 15, 2015 - 06:19
Defense Secretary Ash Carter ends a five-month pause in transfers as the White House and Congress battle over the future of the U.S. military prison.
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 07:46
President Obama may blame the lack of a strategy for training the troops on Baghdad, but solving ISIS is much bigger than finding a fighting force.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 07:14
False portrayals of the terrorist group's role in the ivory trade could leave us with both more terrorists and fewer elephants in Africa.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 06:27
The connection between curbing Cairo’s abuses and U.S. interests in the region is not so much hidden as ignored.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 06:24
The president said in a press conference from the G-7 meeting Monday that the Pentagon is still waiting on 'commitments' from the Iraqi government.
Monday, June 8, 2015 - 07:08
ISIS’s victory in Ramadi reveals that containment is the best the U.S. can do for now.