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Eight members of Honduras’ “elite” U.S.-supported TIGRES special police were implicated in the theft of more than $1 million dollars in cash. DoD announced a new command for the campaign against IS. Kenya’s security forces faced renewed criticisms for alleged human rights abuses carried out by “death squads.”  And Assistant Secretary of State’s Nisha Desai Biswal showed support the United States’ continued relationship with Uzbekistan.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015. The bill is identical to the recently agreed NDAA by both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Nigeria demanded that the U.S. halt training a battalion of Nigerian soldiers. The Latin American Public Opinion Project’s (LAPOP) bi-annual survey of Latin American citizen’s attitudes released this week showed increasing concern over security in the region. After Azerbaijani police detained foreign journalists, the country has come under increased scrutiny for its treatment of civil society.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met to discuss strengthening bilateral ties. President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to use his executive authority to protect millions of undocumented migrants residing in the United States from deportation. Former rebels turned soldiers began looting a police station while protesting in the Ivory Coast. And Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken stated that the White House is considering providing lethal arms to Ukraine. Click the link below to read more of this week's top security assistance news.

Egyptian President Sisi announced a new law that would allow for the deportation of foreign journalists following widespread condemnation of the regime’s treatment of the press. At least four U.S. citizens have been killed or injured by Mexican security forces this month. Commentators criticized Nigeria’s short-lived ceasefire with Boko Haram, saying the group has only gotten stronger in recent months. Azerbaijani soldiers shot down an Armenian helicopter, intensifying a long-standing conflict between the two countries.

Did you know President Obama recently asked Congress for an additional $1.6 billion for a new Iraq Train and Equip Fund to combat the Islamic State? Have you seen Jeff Stein's article in Newsweek discussing the CIA's difficulty in vetting potential recipients of U.S. training and equipment?

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