Office of Press Relations

Friday, July 11, 2014 - 05:43
We cannot lead if we are not there and we can’t be there if the Senate won’t confirm our best and brightest. This is a moment to show that we speak with one voice on American leadership and that our democratic institutions can still advise and consent instead of defer and delay.
Monday, June 30, 2014 - 09:15
The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Commerce published regulations today that streamline U.S. export controls on certain military electronics by shifting less sensitive equipment, parts, and components from Category XI of the Department’s U.S. Munitions List (USML) to the Department of Commerce’s Commerce Control List (CCL).
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 13:51
The Department of State is pleased to announce its first release of foreign assistance obligation and disbursement data on
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 06:40
Spokesperson Marie Harf discusses the upcoming nuclear talks with Iran, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Iraq, Egypt's presidential inauguration, counterterrorism and Guantanamo Bay, the search for the missing girls in Nigeria, humanitarian aid in Syria, Middle East peace talks, and the CIA's twitter account
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 14:49
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses the State Department's annual terrorism report, Lebanon's presidential elections, and Turkey's democratic process.
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 10:56
Spokesperson Jen Psaki discusses developments in U.S.-Syrian relations, ongoing negotiations in the Middle East peace talks, and other topics regarding U.S. security.
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 08:39
Spokesperson Jen Psaki discusses troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the core issues and framework of the peace process between Israel and Palestine, the elections in Egypt, and other security issues.
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 08:21
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses reports of the Iran arms sale to Iraq, the peace process proceedings with Israel and Palestine, the government resignation in Egypt, and other security issues around the world.
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 07:46
Spokesperson Jen Psaki discusses the Taliban and Afghan-led peace in Afghanistan, chemical weapons in Syria, the nuclear negotiations in Iran, and U.S. engagement with Saudi Arabia in relation to Iraq.
Friday, January 17, 2014 - 13:34
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses the upcoming Geneva II talks, humanitarian aid to Syria, Egypt's constitutional referendum, U.S. aid to Egypt, the Senate Intelligence report on Benghazi, the murders of prominent Rwandan exiles, and other issues.