U.S. Government

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 07:50
Psaki addresses recent events in Egypt, a United Kingdom Law Authority Operation, dialogue between Pakistan and India, Geneva II planning, elections in Zimbabwe, and an attack in Lebanon.
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 08:37
In Kazakhstani Foreign Minister Idrissov's talks with high ranking U.S. officials the two sides highlighted the robust and growing bilateral ties and reaffirmed their commitment to further deepen the strategic partnership.
Friday, August 16, 2013 - 11:49
U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu address the context surrounding the 2+2 meeting on Syria, Afghanistan, and other security issues of international interest.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 09:40
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses the joint U.S.-EU statement on Egypt and U.S. diplomacy in Egypt, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, U.S. aid to Syria, tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border, and other issues.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 09:23
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses counterterrorism operations in Yemen, Al Nusrah front's activities in Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the political situation in Tunisia, concern about violence in Egypt, and other issues.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 09:14
Spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses the embassy closures in the Middle East, the security situation in Yemen, renewed engagement with Iran after its elections, foreign fighters in Syria, the Ergenekon trial in Turkey, and other issues.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 09:02
Spokesperson Marie Harf addresses the Al Qaeda threat in the Middle East, U.S. cooperation with Yemen, Deputy Secretary Burns' Meetings in Egypt, the U.S. position on Israeli settlements, and Zimbabwe's elections.
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 11:53
Press Secretary Jay Carney addresses the Snowden affair, security and surveillance, security in Afghanistan and Yemen, and the unwillingness of Syria to cooperate concerning U.N. chemical investigation.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 13:30
Gen. Dunford, the International Security Assistance Force commander, today released a statement where he offered his condolences to the families and friends of the seven Georgian service members who were killed yesterday in southern Afghanistan.
Monday, August 5, 2013 - 14:06
State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf addresses the U.S.-Russia relationship, upcoming embassy closures, the Zimbabwe elections, bilateral security in Afghanistan, FARC in Colombia, the MEPP, violence in Egypt and Iraq, and counterterrorism in Pakistan.