Monday, June 9, 2014 - 08:08
The modest NSA reform bill passed in the House last month is set to be watered down even more as it makes its way to the Senate.
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 12:09
Azerbaijan is among the eight partner countries that have confirmed their presence in Afghanistan after 2014.
Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 07:56
"Mobile troops of the CSTO's Collective Rapid Deployment forces can be airlifted within hours to the border with Afghanistan in case of real threat to Tajikistan," he underlined at a news conference over a recent anti-drug trafficking operation.
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 06:06
"As for the withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from Afghanistan, the situation in this country shows that, obviously, it is necessary to postpone the deadline for troop withdrawal, initially scheduled for late 2014."
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 06:15
“Dushanbe cannot but be concerned over security problem within its frontiers and in the region as a whole,” he added.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 08:40
The Armenian side reiterated its commitment to Germany which leads the Northern Command to take part in “Decisive Support” mission.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 06:04
Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon took the opportunity to chide his allies for not coming through with promised military aid to strengthen the border with Afghanistan
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 07:02
According to him, the CSTO countries will work out the issues of coordination and interaction of military component to ensure security.
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 13:22
Maliya said officials from Turkmenistan's Lebap Province, including the provincial prosecutor's office, and from Turkmenistan's border guards met with officials from Afghanistan's Qarqeen and Khamyab districts.
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 13:00
The railroad, recall, was built by Uzbekistan Railways with money from the Asian Development Bank after American military logisticians identified the Uzbekistan border as the most troublesome bottleneck in getting supplies into Afghanistan.