U.S. House of Representatives

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 06:50
The United States-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act would require the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the USAID to submit to Congress a multiyear strategy focused on enhancing engagement with the countries of the Caribbean and enhancing outreach to diaspora communities in theU.S., with particular emphasis on energy security, countering violence, expanded diplomacy, and other priority areas.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 12:15
During consideration of H.R. 2685, Congressman John Conyers and Ted Yoho offered bipartisan amendments to block the training of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary militia and to prevent the transfer of MANDPADs to Iraq or Ukraine.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:40
The mission of Africa Command is to protect and defend the national security interests of the United States by strengthening the defense capabilities of African states and regional organizations and, when directed, conduct military operations, in order to deter and defeat transnational threats and to provide a security environment conducive to good governance and development.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:22
Today’s hearing probes the question of whether or not there is an African resource curse. The resource curse refers to the paradox in which countries and regions with an abundance of natural resources, specifically non-renewable resources like minerals and fuels, tend to have less economic growth and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:19
I am from Annobon, a poor and isolated, yet beautiful island in Equatorial Guinea. In August 1993, an event occurred in my hometown that forever changed my life.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:16
The idea of a resource curse in Africa is extremely compelling. There are experts here today who can testify in much better detail about how the wealth of natural resources in Africa can be seen as both the proverbial blessing and a curse.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:09
At the height of the global financial and economic crises in 2007, Ghana discovered oil and gas in commercial quantities estimated at 1.8 billion barrels reserves. But Ghana was yet to see many blessings in addition to being a new oil producer.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 10:00
My name is Corinna Gilfillan, Director of Global Witness’s Washington, DC office which is an international advocacy organization headquartered in London that investigates and campaigns to break the links between natural resources, corruption and conflict.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 09:56
Africa has abundant natural resources—from critical and desirable agricultural products such as gum arabic to strategic minerals such as cobalt, titanium and coltan to energy resources such as petroleum and natural gas. However, under the so-called African resource curse, African citizens don't benefit from these resources to the extent that would be expected.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 09:52
Russo-Chinese relations possess immense importance for world politics and Asian international relatoins in particular, with the most critical zones of this relationship being Northeast and Central Asia.