Monday, December 21, 2015 - 08:17
The Beta Group for the Protection of Migrants will increase its efforts to assist migrants headed from Mexico into the United States during the winter, the National Migration Institute, or INM, said Sunday.
Friday, December 4, 2015 - 06:30
Colombia, Brazil and Peru will develop a patrol boat to protect the Amazon as part of a military cooperation project, allowing the countries to share technology, naval shipbuilder Cotecmar said.
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 06:21
Officials claim the mass security deployment is intended to prevent disturbances and riots so that Guatemalans can vote in all safety.
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 06:48
Bolivia's intelligence service has detected the presence of aircraft apparently being used for spying, Deputy Social Defense and Controlled Substances Minister Felipe Caceres said.
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 06:43
The navy seized 600 kilos of cocaine and detained three men aboard a vessel in Colombia's's Pacific waters, officials said Tuesday.
Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 06:41
A Honduran wanted on drug and money laundering charges by the United States was captured in western Honduras, officials said Wednesday.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 06:45
Violence in Colombia has fallen to its 1975 level since July 20, the start of a unilateral cease-fire by the FARC guerrilla group, according to a report released Monday by Cerac, a think-tank that studies armed conflicts.
Friday, August 21, 2015 - 06:52
The intensity of Colombia's decades-old armed conflict has dropped to its lowest point in more than 40 years since the FARC rebels announced their latest unilateral cease-fire 30 days ago, according to a study released Thursday.
Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 06:45
A new study is calling upon the Colombian government to defend the rights of the “ignored ones” of society, who are often viewed as just nameless statistics.
Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 21:56
Diversos grupos de víctimas de la guerrilla de las Farc crearán una nueva organización que les unifique para tener un mayor peso dentro del actual proceso de paz que el Gobierno mantiene con el grupo subversivo en La Habana.