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9/12/18 | Reports
Corruption in the Defense Sector: Identifying Key Risks to U.S. Counterterrorism Aid

A report released today by the Center for International Policy’s Security Assistance Monitor finds that two-thirds of the recipients of U.S. counterterrorism aid pose serious corruption risks.  The report indicates that these risks are due to routine practices such as nepotism, bribery,...

9/10/18 | Blog
Upcoming Event: Corruption Risks to U.S. Counterterrorism Aid

The United States has encountered serious challenges in building the capacity of foreign military and security forces to combat terrorist groups from corruption. In countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, and...

7/22/18 | Fact Sheets
U.S. Arms Sales Notifications in 2018

The Trump Administration is proposing an unprecedented amount of major U.S. arms sales in the first half of 2018 compared to previous years, moving from $19 billion in 2017 to $51 billion in 2018. The bulk of the proposed arms sales are going to countries in the Europe and Eurasia region and for...


SAM in the News

9/14/18 | News
Counterterrorism Efforts Proving Counterproductive
SAM's new report is summarized in this blog illustrating that corruption is the main reason why U.S. counterterrorism efforts are often critically ineffective and even counterproductive. Read More
9/13/18 | News
Corruption in Counterterrorism Aid Programs Fuels Extremist Groups, Says New Report
SAM's new report is cited to highlight trends in global corruption and identify recommendations to improve risk assessments in security aid decisions. Read More
8/2/18 | News
US Defense Bill Could Impact Arms Exports to Middle East
SAM Director Colby Goodman is quoted in this article on this year's U.S. defense authorization bill, which calls for protection of U.S. technology even as weapons sales to the Middle East boom. Read More