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7/22/19 | Blog
Disappearing Transparency in U.S. Arms Sales

A recent article by SAM Director, Christina Arabia, explains how the already difficult task of scouring disparate U.S. government documents for...

7/22/19 | Blog
Egypt: Six years after the coup, what has US military assistance bought us?

July 3rd marked the sixth anniversary of the 2013 coup in Egypt, which ousted the now deceased President Mohammed Morsi. Despite years of upheaval and multiple regime changes, U.S. military assistance to Egypt has continued mostly uninterrupted. In a recent...

7/15/19 | Blog
A Scathing Rebuke of Trump's Arms Sales to the Gulf Could be a Turning Point
Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, R. Clarke Cooper, endured two hours of withering questions and stinging criticisms from a bipartisan group of Senators at...

Sam in the News

6/6/19 | News
An "Emergency" Arms Deal: Will Congress Acquiesce in Another Blow to Its Authority?
SAM's fact sheet on the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE involved in the Trump Administration's emergency declaration are cited. Read More
5/30/19 | News
Trump bypassed Congress on Saudi weapons sale. Here's how he did it
SAM Director, Christina Arabia, is quoted in this article examining how President Trump is sidestepping congressional opposition to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
5/20/19 | News
What Went Wrong With The Somali National Army?
SAM's report on Corruption in the Defense Sector is cited in this piece that examines failures in dozens of efforts to build an effective Somali National Army while maintaining an emphasis on the importance of an army in Somalia. Read More

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05/22/18 | Event

The inaugural Forum on the Arms Trade annual conference, "Taking Aim: A Closer Look at the Global Arms Trade," is a half-day event that will take place at the Stimson Center on May 22, 2018. The conference will feature leading experts, journalists, and members of civil society and the government...

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