One year of news

Latin America and the Caribbean

A year ago today - August 19, 2007 - we took the first step in the top-to-bottom overhaul of the Just the Facts website. The domain came to life with a prototype of what is now the News Links page, with links to relevant media coverage organized by date, country and topic.

At the same time, we posted a rather complicated-looking form allowing visitors to search our database of saved news links. This was the first time in the then 9-year history of the "Just the Facts" site that anything in our database was publicly searchable.

On that August 19, 2007, we entered our first news links into our brand-new database. That day's links are here - no idea how many of them still work.

We have since entered a remarkable 12,194 articles, transcripts, reports, speeches and other relevant outside coverage into the database. And it is all searchable by using this form. It's still pretty complicated-looking, but there is a lot of information behind it.

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