Monday, October 19, 2015 - 06:19
The refugee crisis isn’t over. I’m not talking about the tens of thousands pouring into Europe over the last several months, but about the tens of thousands who are still trying to get to the United States from Central America.
Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 06:42
Figures suggest Mexico is now deporting more Central American migrants than the United States, a shift raising several implications regarding regional criminal dynamics.
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 06:35
The migrants who pass through this desert outpost seek invisibility even before they begin the great trek north. After dusk they flit around the stores lining the plaza to stock up on camouflage backpacks, black water bottles and special slippers to cover their tracks in the Sonora desert. Then they vanish down side streets, heads down, avoiding eye contact.
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 06:05
Last year’s wave of unaccompanied children migrating to the US helped spark a crackdown in Mexico, forcing people to take alternative routes north as they face armed robbers, corrupt officials and sexual violence
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 06:21
The problem seems to have simply been pushed farther south: Many of the young migrants are now stopped entering Mexico instead.
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 06:34
Police in northern Mexico on Monday rescued 150 migrants, including 25 children, from the freight compartment of a truck where they had been held under packed conditions. The National Immigration Institute said that the migrants had been in the truck for 14 hours without food or water.
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 06:23
Britain is to send dozens of troops to Somalia and possibly South Sudan to train soldiers and boost security in the region, Downing Street said Monday.
Friday, September 18, 2015 - 06:25
Food shortages and cuts in farming jobs caused by a prolonged drought are driving thousands of people living in parts of Central America to leave their homes, according to new academic research.
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 06:15

With the volatile debate over the United States’ immigration policy and shifting U.S. foreign policy and assistance to Central America, civil society advocates and other interested individuals in Central America, Mexico and the United States need the tools to understand and impact this public discussion.  For this reason, the Latin America Working Group Education Fund (LAWGEF) published a new advocacy guide in English and Spanish.

Friday, September 4, 2015 - 07:20
Diplomatic Channels: French troops had driven out the jihadists and people threw off the shackles of the harsh sharia code which had been imposed. But now they are back.