Kazakhstan's Defense Ministry Receives Fourth Huey Helicopter

Kazakhstan's ministry of defense received its fourth Huey helicopter from the United States under the U.S. foreign military sales program. The $7 million helicopter, a Bell-made Huey II, was handed over to Kazakhstan's defense personnel by U.S. Ambassador George Krol, U.S. Consul General Mark Moody and U.S. Defense Attaché during a ceremony. "We are proud of our cooperation with Kazakhstan on defense issues," Krol said in a press release. "Kazakhstan has become an important partner in regional and global security." Krol added that the aircraft will be used to assist the country's armed forces with strengthening their security capabilities, in addition to conducting military exercises. According to U.S. defense leaders, the delivery supports a joint security venture between the two countries. The United States donated the airframe and a part of the funding to upgrade the existing Huey rotorcraft. The Huey II is an upgraded variant of its predecessor, and features improved avionics and rescue equipment. The craft is fitted to participate in international training events, medical evacuations, and other defense-related operations.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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