Downloads User Guide

How to Download

There are two methods for downloading data from the Security Assistance Monitor Database. You can download full data sets or data according to the parameters you’ve set in the pivot tables.

Method 1

From SAM’s homepage, click on the “Data” link at the top of the page to go to the “Data Landing Page.” From this page you can choose to download the full data set for any of the database categories. Clicking download will take you to a “Downloads” page where you will be given the option to download either the “totals” data or the “details” data.

Method 2

You can also download data from the pivot tables, which allows you to obtain data according to the parameters you’ve set for the table. Both the chart and the table will display a “gear” icon in the top right corner of their areas. Clicking this “gear” will produce a download prompt that gives you options on how to download the data (File Format, Values, Limit, Filename). Simply select how you’d like the download output to be formatted and press the “Download” button in the bottom corner.