Drug Trade

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 15:06
Mexico's murder rate is getting significantly worse again, after a few years during which the killing had begun to fall off. According to official figures released this week, the number of murders in Mexico during the first half of this year was around 15 percent higher than in the same period of 2015.
Monday, August 1, 2016 - 15:06
Apparently Mexico’s tolerance for violence has its limits. And one of those limits is violence against women. There is nothing new in hearing bands boasting about sexism but in a country where seven women are killed every day, burning a woman alive – even in a work of fiction – is no longer funny. The glorification of violence in narcoculture has finally hit a nerve.
Monday, August 1, 2016 - 15:06
A Colombian drug kingpin was sentenced on Monday to 35 years in a U.S. prison for engaging in a multi-million dollar scheme to manufacture hundreds of tons of cocaine that he trafficked throughout the world.
Friday, July 8, 2016 - 06:53
Costa Rica located dozens of illegal airstrips used by drug traffickers in the last year along its Pacific coast, highlighting the country's growing importance as a drug transit nation. Between November 2015 and March 2016, Costa Rican authorities discovered 35 illegal landing strips, all of them along the Pacific coast, used by traffickers to move drugs and money, reported Costa Rica Hoy.
Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 07:22
Central America has long been a bridge that connects the producer countries in South America to the consumer nations in the north, principally the United States. This role has led to the development of several different types of criminal organizations, some of them transnational, some of them local, and many more of them hyper-local.
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 - 06:42
Growth of cocaine use in South America is outpacing any other region in the world and creating an emerging market boom for organized crime groups that are engaging in more cross-border cooperation aimed at making the most of growing local demand for the drug.
Friday, July 1, 2016 - 06:39
U.S. prosecutors say officers ensured the safe passage of cocaine by capitalizing on bribes along with leaked information about investigations and checkpoints
Friday, June 3, 2016 - 06:36
Peruvians choose their new president on Sunday amid dire warnings that frontrunner Keiko Fujimori, if she wins, would oversee surging corruption and cocaine money penetrating the highest levels of government.
Friday, June 3, 2016 - 06:30
Zeta hitman talks about the way the influence of his notoriously bloody cartel in Veracruz has risen and fallen with the strength of its ties to the state government. In Veracruz many believe the politicians are the biggest criminals.
Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 06:51
The security cabinet of Enrique Peña Nieto is concentrated in previously peaceful entities that are now on the doorstep of unprecedented violence, where insecurity has overflowed and authorities have become overwhelmed by criminals and drug traffickers.