U.S. Policy

Monday, November 23, 2015 - 06:16
The Pentagon has stepped up operations in Africa in recent years, insisting that a greater U.S. military presence is necessary to help counter threats from militants such as those who took hostages at a hotel in Mali.
Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 06:34
So how many U.S. military bases are there in Africa?
Monday, November 9, 2015 - 06:31
Authorities of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in collaboration with the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) on Saturday conferred on Major General Darryl A. Williams the "Distinguish Service Order" (DSO) for "his committed and dedicated service to the AFL and above all, to the fight that defeated the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia."
Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 07:09
Kenya, a vital U.S. ally, has seen millions of dollars disappear through some very curious government spending. It included thousands of dollars for simple condom dispensers and, apparently, $85 for ballpoint pens — that is, $85 each.
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 06:37
The legislation puts wildlife trafficking in the same category as weapons and drug-trafficking, and presses the U.S. government to “provide security assistance to appropriate African security forces to counter wildlife trafficking and poaching”.
Friday, October 30, 2015 - 06:49
Instead of challenging an escalation of American military forces in the Syrian war, several prominent members of Congress are irresponsibly demanding even more hawkish approaches
Friday, October 30, 2015 - 06:35
The top American commander for Africa says Boko Haram has lost territory but, with ties to Islamic State, remains a grave threat to the civilian population in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.
Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 06:36
The U.S. military on Wednesday sent home a long-held Mauritanian captive who was cleared for release six years ago.
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 11:48

In the midst of 2011’s Arab uprisings, thousands of tear gas canisters bearing the conspicuous “Made in U.S.A.” designations became a symbol of U.S. support for authoritarian regimes and violent repression of peaceful dissent in countries like Bahrain, Egypt and Tunisia. While U.S. transfers of crowd control items like tear gas are sometimes viewed as encouraging a non-lethal approach to protests, the regimes excessive and improper use of tear gas have caused cases of serious injury or death. In response, Congress has sought to better control such transfers, but the gaps in such controls are growing to an alarming level.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 08:04
The State Department’s Directorate for Defense Trade Controls has proposed a rule change that could loosen oversight of private security companies and exacerbate the problems we’ve seen with them.