This opinion piece states that the Trump Administration’s decision to include Chad in the travel ban was a mistake and the partial withdrawal of Chadian soldiers from areas that are heavily targeted by Boko Haram could result in swift and serious consequences.
This article highlights the Defense Department's changing strategy in combatting terrorist groups in Africa, including new policies on targeting individuals and on when US ground troops would be used. 
The article discusses the limits of the U.S. military assistance that the Somali government has received and the need for a new strategy from both US forces and the Somali government to counter violent extremism as militant groups adapt to increased US military action.

Global Anti-Corruption: Transparency in the Modern Age

Submitted by Christina Arabia on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 11:39

Prepared remarks of SAM Director Colby Goodman at the "Global Anti-Corruption: Transparency in the Modern Age" symposium at the NYU Journal of International Law and Politics on October 17, 2017.