This article on uses SAM’s data to discuss the withdrawal of US forces from Syria, noting how the millions in US military aid to Turkey are almost surely being used by Ankara in its latest operation against the Kurds.

Security Assistance in Focus: Syria

Submitted by eyousif on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 10:35

An overveiw of the armaments requested for Syrian opposition groups in Northern Syria. 

SAM’s Elias Yousif weighs in on President Trump’s use of corruption as the reason for suspending security assistance to Ukraine. SAM’s data revealed that ⅔ of the countries receiving US counterterrorism aid “posed serious corruption risks.”

Timeline of U.S.-India-Russia Defense Trade

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An overview of major developments in the U.S.-India defense relationships. 


India Straddles Great Power Competition In Arms Trade with US and Russia

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India has become a substantial importer of U.S. arms, with the defense trade growing from next to nothing in the first decade of the 2000s to more than $15 billion as of this year. But if the intention of U.S. arms transfers were to peel India away from its traditional military supplier, Russia, the policy is falling short. Dehli has managed to balance its arms trade with these two great power rivals without incurring the sort of retribution that has befallen other U.S. allies pursuing similar efforts. 

In this article by SAM’s former intern Ian Wallace, he discusses why the US, Russia, and China are providing Tajikistan with counternarcotics security assistance, and why that aid is contributing to a quasi state-run drug cartel.
In this article on Newsweek, SAM Program & Research Associate Elias Yousif argues that U.S. President Trump has an opportunity to make the business deal of a lifetime. Ending the war in Yemen could not only stop colossal suffering but also be a proxy for peace between the U.S. and Iran.
SAM Program & Research Associate @EliasDJyousif calls to attention the American public’s overwhelming view that US arms sales are endangering American Security.