This week, the House Armed Services Committee threw an extra US$50 million in drug war aid for Central America into the 2016 Defense bill.

The number of Special Forces JCETs, then, grew by more than 71 percent in five years.


I’ve identified 71 different programs in the U.S. Defense Department’s budget that provide aid to other countries’ militaries and police forces. Here they are listed in a six-page PDF.

By contrast, there are only eight military and police aid programs in the actual foreign aid budget. That’s the budget, guided by the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, that the...

On Monday, the State Department sent to Congress more details about its big request for US$1 billion in 2016 assistance to Central America, as part of next year'€™s foreign aid budget proposal. Compared to 2014, this US$1 billion package would mean a tripling of foreign aid budget assistance to the region, especially to the three "Northern Triangle" countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras), which suffer very high violent crime levels.

After years of backing for the country’s war effort and free trade deal, Obama administration officials, diplomats, U.S. Southern Command, and investors have deep contacts with some of Colombia’s most prominent peace skeptics. It’s time to encourage them, if not to embrace the process enthusiastically, then at least to recognize its inevitability and be pragmatic.