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After years of some U.S. security experts pushing for the United States to provide more governance-related U.S. security assistance to African security forces, the White House recently boosted such governance assistance efforts.

This week France retooled its security policy in the Sahel, the U.S. upped its efforts to find the kidnapped Nigerian girls, and warring parties in South Sudan came no closer to ending their ongoing conflict. 

In 2014, the U.S. military has conducted a number of exercises across the continent of Africa. The objectives of these exercises ranged from strengthening the stability of a particular region to improving maritime security, though strengthening security partnerships between the U.S. and other militaries is the top priority for the United States. Below is a roundup of the exercises conducted so far this year.


The United States increased its support for African partners in their efforts to defeat the Lord’s Resistance Army and apprehend rebel leader Joseph Kony. The conflict in Nigeria and the Central African Republic continue to deteriorate. Read about these and other security news from across Africa.

The United States reaffirmed its support for African Union peacekeepers in Somalia and the Somali National Army. Regarding South Sudan, the U.S. expressed disappointment both sides of the conflict for violations of the ceasefire, and is considering targeted sanctions. Read about this and other security news in the region this past week. 


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