U.S. Security Partnership and the Protection of Civilians: Government of Ethiopia & the Ethiopian National Defense Force

About the Factsheet

This factsheet is a collaboration between Brown University’s Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS), the Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) at the Center for International Policy, and InterAction. It provides an overview of key facts, data, and analysis of issues related to U.S. security cooperation with the Government of Ethiopia in the context of ongoing civilian protection, civilian harm, and humanitarian concerns. It is the first in a series of factsheets examining protection of civilian issues in geographies where the U.S. is a significant external security partner.

The collaborators on this project have endeavored to provide data-driven and fact-based information on the nature of U.S. security cooperation with Ethiopia and current trends in civilian harm in the country. The information presented here does not necessarily represent the institutional views of the contributing organizations. The recommendations presented in this factsheet reflect the assessments of InterAction and CHRHS contributors. The SAM, as a program of the Center for International Policy, does not itself take any institutional position on these matters.