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Waiting for Consolidation: Monitoring Colombia’s U.S.-Aided Counterinsurgency and Development Program A report monitoring the performance of the “consolidation” plan read more
A Cautionary Tale: Plan Colombia’s Lessons for U.S. Policy Toward Mexico and Beyond A report on the implications of Plan Colombia for US policy toward Mexico, particularly with regards to drugs and... read more
Preach What You Practice: The Separation of Military and Police Roles in the Americas A report on the separation of military and policing in Latin America in relation to US policy and assistance... read more
Colombia: Don’t Call it a Model An article examing Colombia’s security gains in light of the Plan Colombia read more
Far Worse than Watergate: Widening Scandal regarding Colombia’s Intelligence Agency A report on a scandal within Colombian intelligence agencies regarding spying and undermining of democratic activites read more
Waiting for Change: Trends in U.S. Security Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean A report on recent trends in security assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean and the relatively minimal impact... read more