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Israel’s Exceptional Security Partnership with Washington

Israel’s Exceptional Security Partnership with Washington, U.S. Announces $150M Aid Package to Ukraine, France Suspends CAR Aid & more...

14 Jun 2021
KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN (July 10, 2018) -- A coalition Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) advisor trains two Afghan Territorial Force 444 members from General Command of Police Special Unit (GCPSU) to identify targets on the battlefield during an air-to-ground integration exercise at Tarnak range, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, Jul. 9-10, 2018.  During the two-day exercise, more than 50 Afghan Tactical Air Controllers from both ATF 444 and the Special Mission Wing, advised by U.S. and Coalition partners, directed airstrikes onto simulated static targets. (NATO photo/RELEASED)

Evershifting Goalposts: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Security Assistance in Afghanistan

Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Security Assistance in Afghanistan, Israel Requests More Aid, Russia Eyes Iraq Arms market...

07 Jun 2021
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis meets with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 19, 2017. (DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley)

Enduring U.S. Support for Saudi-Led Operations in Yemen

Enduring U.S. Support for War in Yemen, Afghanistan Drawdown 25% Complete, Israel Arms Sales to Proceed and more *|MC:SUBJECT|*...

31 May 2021
Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper tours the Iron Dome display with Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz, Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 29, 2020. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

Special Edition: Bringing Assistance to Israel in Line With Rights and U.S. Laws

U.S. Military Aid to Israel *|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser   WEEKLY MONITOR May 17, 2021...

17 May 2021
A U.S. Air Force MQ-9 Reaper assigned to the 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron armed with an AIM-9X Block 2 missile sits on the ramp at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, Sept. 3, 2020. During the weapon test, aircrew successfully employed a live air-to-air AIM-9X Block 2 missile against a target BQM-167 drone simulating a cruise missile. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Haley Stevens)

Remote Horizons: Expanding Use and Proliferation of Military Drones in Africa

Drone Use in Africa, France Proceeds with Arms Sales to the Gulf, U.S. to Train Afghans abroad and more...

10 May 2021
At 100 Days, Grading Biden’s Progress Toward a More Responsible US Arms Trade Policy

At 100 Days, Grading Biden’s Progress Toward a More Responsible US Arms Trade Policy

Biden’s Arms Policies after 100 Days, Afghan Troops Prepare to Stand on Their Own, Proposed Arms Ban on Human...

03 May 2021