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How the UAE has Used the ‘War on Terror’ for Repression and Intervention

Where Biden Stands on Arms Issues, UAE’s Co-Option of the Global War on Terror, Drone Sales to Taiwan &...

09 Nov 2020

Having Their Say: Guidelines for Involving Local Civil Society in the Planning, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of U.S. Security Assistance and Cooperation

Engaging Civil Society in Security Aid & Cooperation, UAE F-35 Deal Moves Forward, Retooling Security Assistance & more *|MC:SUBJECT|*...

02 Nov 2020

Issue Brief: The Afghan Defense Sector Amidst a U.S. Drawdown

Developments in Afghan Security Forces Amidst US Drawdown, Taiwan Arms Sales Skyrocket, F-35 Sale to UAE Moves Forward &...

27 Oct 2020

Great Responsibility: A Legislative Reform Agenda for U.S. Arms Transfers and Civilian Harm

A Legislative Reform Agenda for US Arms Transfers, Congress Wants to Know More About UAE-F-35 Deal, Taiwan to Receive...

19 Oct 2020

Issue Brief: The Abraham Accords & Implications for U.S. Arms Sales to the Gulf

Abraham Accord and Implications for US Arms Sales, Biden Vows End to U.S. Support to Yemen War, Qatar Requests...

12 Oct 2020