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8/29/19 | Fact Sheets
Security Assistance in Focus: Ukraine

The Second Series in our Security Assistance in Focus project profiles a $125M aid package to Ukraine. 

8/18/19 | Blog
Great Power Rivalry and Security Cooperation

U.S. security assistance to Europe and South East Asia reflects efforts to contain the growing power of geopolitical rivals in their near abroad. 

8/18/19 | Fact Sheets
Echos of Cold War Containment in U.S. Security Assistance

As the U.S. seeks to contain the growing regional clout of China and Russia in their near abroads, American policymakers may find that historic realities of each region may create varying degrees of success for their efforts. 


Sam in the News

9/11/19 | News
It’s Time for Congress to Rein in U.S. Arms Exports
SAM Program & Research Associate @EliasDJyousif calls to attention the American public’s overwhelming view that US arms sales are endangering American Security.
9/10/19 | News
Restore Control over Dangerous Gun Exports
William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Project with the Center for International Policy discusses the possible consequences of moving the supervision of firearm exports from the State Department to the Department of Commerce
9/9/19 | News
70 Percent of Americans Say Arms Sales Make US Less Safe
William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project, is quoted in this piece on a recent Chicago Council survey stating that US citizens are beginning to question the validity of foreign arms sales.

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The inaugural Forum on the Arms Trade annual conference, "Taking Aim: A Closer Look at the Global Arms Trade," is a half-day event that will take place at the Stimson Center on May 22, 2018. The conference will feature leading experts, journalists, and members of civil society and the government...

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