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6/13/17 | Blog
5/30/17 | Fact Sheets
FY 2018 Budget Breakdown: An Overview of Major Changes in U.S. Security Assistance Programs

The Trump administration's budget request for fiscal year 2018 presents significant cuts and policy changes to the State Department's international security assistance and peacekeeping operations. The information below compares Trump's budget blueprint with FY 2017 appropriations and identifies...

5/17/17 | Fact Sheets
Total U.S. Arms Sales Notifications Under the Trump Administration

U.S. arms sales notifications under the Trump administration total over $15B.



6/19/17 | News
The Coalition’s Plan To Keep US Weapons Out Of ISIS Hands Is Garbage
The Department of Defense has a major gun control problem. On May 26, Amnesty International published a damning report revealing that the United States failed to track more than $1 billion in arms transfers to Iraqi and Kuwaiti security forces as part of Operation Inherent Resolve. The report,...
6/19/17 | News
US Troop Increase Should Focus on Training, Afghans Say
Afghan government officials say they are leery about President Donald Trump’s plan to grant new authority to the Pentagon to set troop levels in the war-torn country, expressing concern that such a shift could be a sign that larger numbers of Americans might soon be headed back to the front lines...
6/19/17 | News
US Lawmakers Skeptical of Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon
U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle laid bare their suspicions about U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Lebanon over the countries’ supposed links to terror on Thursday, perhaps signaling choppy waters in the alliances.

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