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This post was compiled by WOLA Intern Lesley Wellener.

  • In Honduras, a U.S.-supported police program destroyed
  • ...

This week Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his tour in the Americas, Brazil announced plans to buy modernization kits for its tank fleet from the U.S., and Honduras’ foreign minister asked the U.S. to allow children to stay in the country. Read these stories and other highlights below.

This post was compiled by WOLA Intern Lesley Wellener.

  • The 2014 FIFA World Cup began in Brazil on June 12, with armed forces backing up police in several high-crime areas of major cities. 2,700 troops were stationed in
  • ...

This week the U.S. Southern Command gave Guatemala more vehicles to boost security efforts on its border with Honduras,  the UN reported that Peru grew less coca in 2013, and the U.S. Congress debated what to do about the influx of Central American minors at the southwest border. 

There’s much in Obama’s foreign policy speech at West Point that resonates for those who would like to see a just foreign policy towards Latin America.

This week the House of Representatives called for more Defense Department involvement in the drug war, Congress sanctioned Venezuelan officials and the State Department cleared the way for Mexico to buy over 3,000 vehicles from the U.S. to expand its army in the fight against the cartels.


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