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Issue Brief: Major Arms Sales to the UAE

UAE’s Largest Arms Package of the Trump Era, Turkey Wants to Discuss S-400 Deal, Congress and the Libya Arms...

16 Nov 2020

How the UAE has Used the ‘War on Terror’ for Repression and Intervention

Where Biden Stands on Arms Issues, UAE’s Co-Option of the Global War on Terror, Drone Sales to Taiwan &...

09 Nov 2020

Having Their Say: Guidelines for Involving Local Civil Society in the Planning, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of U.S. Security Assistance and Cooperation

Engaging Civil Society in Security Aid & Cooperation, UAE F-35 Deal Moves Forward, Retooling Security Assistance & more *|MC:SUBJECT|*...

02 Nov 2020

Issue Brief: The Afghan Defense Sector Amidst a U.S. Drawdown

Developments in Afghan Security Forces Amidst US Drawdown, Taiwan Arms Sales Skyrocket, F-35 Sale to UAE Moves Forward &...

27 Oct 2020

Great Responsibility: A Legislative Reform Agenda for U.S. Arms Transfers and Civilian Harm

A Legislative Reform Agenda for US Arms Transfers, Congress Wants to Know More About UAE-F-35 Deal, Taiwan to Receive...

19 Oct 2020

Issue Brief: The Abraham Accords & Implications for U.S. Arms Sales to the Gulf

Abraham Accord and Implications for US Arms Sales, Biden Vows End to U.S. Support to Yemen War, Qatar Requests...

12 Oct 2020